IBR Group International publishes six-month project status update on BITC's inclusive recruitment initiative


LONDON, England - IBR Group International, an award-winning executive recruitment and leadership consultancy will today publish details of a status update on the progress of a recruitment initiative being conducted to promote inclusivity, in partnership with The Prince of Wales' Business in the Community (BITC) Opening Doors Campaign.

As part of the campaign to inspire, hire and grow inclusivity in recruitment into Energy & Infrastructure, IBR has communicated a number of ongoing milestones which the firm has expressed to BITC and its wider stakeholders in regards to diverse and inclusive recruiting.

Based on a partnership survey BITC conducted at the start of April and subsequent technical responses, the company have agreed with the Business in the Community's campaigns leader Ms. Kate Carr, to progress on three integral areas via the BITC campaign. 

These areas are Principles 1, 2, and 3 of the Opening Doors Campaign. Principle 1 places the duty on our organization to source and develop a partnership that would connect people from disadvantaged groups with Energy and Infrastructure jobs. As part of Principle 2, the organisation would be expected to demonstrate to its candidates that IBR is committed to inclusion, and last but not least, as part of Principle 3, we would be expected to demonstrate the use of inclusive language in job descriptions. 

To achieve these milestones, over the ensuing six months, IBR began a project to implement these Principles partly or wholly into our day-to-day business model. This included an approach taken to implement a number of specific actions, on our part, such as the forming of a job-sharing partnership with SRI-Connect, and the development of a new corporate brand image. IBR has also joined the Marketing Minds online community and sought consultation with Sales Psychologist Leanne Elich regarding inclusive wording being used as part of the recruitment process.

IBR has also proposed the following future objectives:

  1. IBR have identified that we must where possible, continue to recruit directly from Business Schools and prioritise the value of Executive MBA programmes. Mechanical and Civil Engineering graduates at leading business schools have been identified as especially of interest
  2. We must be more open and sensitive to psychology of women vs psychology and attitude of men
  3. We must proactively promote diversity through industry recruitment events, open debates, webinars and panel discussions
  4. We must conduct bi-annual reviews of all job advertising and recruitment marketing campaigns.

An independent external review of the above objectives shall commence in April 2023 in order to assess the impact that the Opening Doors campaign is having.

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