Company Profile

IBR Group International is an award-winning sustainable investing, infrastructure finance, and renewable energy executive search consultancy. At IBR Group, we are very passionate about the role of candidate experience in the processes we manage on behalf of our global client base. Not only are we a versatile recruitment practice, who believe strongly in the professional development of our candidate pool, but we are also learned and knowledgeable about the sectors and sub-sectors we are tasked with covering. Our clients range from mid-sized financial advisory boutiques, to NGOs and government agencies. We believe in the idea that our client's successes relating to the recruitment of new personnel are dependent on our successes at every stage of the search process.

IBR Group International started life as IB Recruitment and Consulting Limited, a small but influential college employment program based in Tottenham & Salford. Since then we have grown to become a leading player in the energy finance markets and the ESG industry sectors that are our core focus.

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