Recruitment Services

Great search and selection both reduces the time-to-hire and enhances the quality-of-hire of a standard recruitment process. Optimising quality-of-hire involves a number of specific actions that we have introduced to our search process in order to identify and source corporate finance and ESG professionals in the commercial real estate, oil and gas and renewable energy industries.

Reducing time-to-hire and improving quality-of-hire is an integral part of the service offered by our company. We strongly believe a reasonable timeline is one that reflects a 20-day delivery lead-time and provides enough ample opportunity to review and act on any information provided to the client.

Time-to-hire may be defined as the number of days it takes us to convert a recruiting process into a successful placement. We typically recommend for mid-level positions of seniority a time-to-hire of between 25-30 working days. Sufficient time must be afforded and reserved for the selection, interviewing, and onboarding of the successful applicant.