IBR Group International's Managing Director selected to represent Career Masterclass' mentorship programme


CARDIFF, Wales - IBR Group International has today signed an agreement to establish a cooperative mentorship program designed to mentor early-to-mid career ESG and corporate finance professionals in the energy and infrastructure industries. The program will take place over the course of 3-months and shall be held virtually in association with Career Masterclass.

Career Masterclass is the leading Career Development Platform for ambitious and aspirational black and ethnic minority working professionals who are ready to gain clarity and confidence on their unique career paths and learn the practical skills necessary to take charge of their progress. 

Alfred Mayaki, Managing Director at IBR Group International said, "I think Career Masterclass is a fantastic opportunity. I have always felt that my own mentor is like a reliable older brother figure to me, and has equipped me with enough reasoning and thirst for success to be compassionate to the brothers and sisters who work in the energy space."

IBR Group International's mentoring classes are ongoing and shall commence from May 2022 continuing throughout the intermittent months. Prospective mentees are encouraged to participate practically by joining Career Masterclass and requesting a mentor directly. All who apply will be allocated a suitable mentor. Applicants can apply to be mentored by contacting Bukola Adisa at Career Masterclass.

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