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Memoirs of an M&A Strategist: Does The Market Prefer Culture Over Size?

If you have an interest in Culture and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) then you might like this post. It's focus will be the importance of finding the right person or company in a global market for M&A advice and the corresponding incentives which drive Strategists in this part of the global economy.

We have for the longest time wondered why London M&A activity has slowed for the bulge brackets but slowly picked up for the boutiques. It is seemingly a U.S. fad but could very well be a strange post-Brexit phenomena for investment banks in London.

One factor (for several reasons) could be the increasing importance of corporate culture between sell-side advisers and the client.

We wrote a post this week on Sainsbury's potential merger with Asda and its serial importance for food distribution and security in the UK. Not being a generalist myself, but being privy to a lot of transferable info as to the mindset of very senior executives, it is also understandable that cul…
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Measuring Quality of Hire: A 2018 Review

The quality of hire is defined by various organisations including Workable, Talenytics and Ideal. We prefer the Talenytics assessment which defines the terms sunccintly as the review internal or otherwise by a company relating to the the value brought by new hires.

It boils down to two key components: Candidate Quality and Process Quality.

According to research by Ideal: "2/3rds of recruitment and earch leaders surveyed admit they currently have no metrics in place to measure quality of hire.

Here at IBR Digital Search, we take a lot of value from the prospect of reviewing our processes, making sure to address our efforts ten fold. We as a business have always sought to add value to our clients as a premier external recruitment and search agency.

Indeed, some of the LLPswe have been lucky enough to have worked with so far include some of the largest corporate finance firms in the country, the likes of Mazars, Grant Thornton, Deloitte, Menzies, Fitz & Law, Haines Watts and others…

A Word On Decentralising Your Search Processes

As counter intuitive as it may seem, even the most stringently designed in-house search and selection program will always have one relative component of non-effectiveness: whether its employee dissatisfaction or procedural irregularity. This has and always will be a very important aspect to the performance of great hiring programs, and as most recruiters will already know, the most efficient way to build an elite crop of talent is to centralise your search process, find the people who can facilitate the engineering of great teams, both virtually and physically and then review the procedural performance.

By decentralisation, I do not mean team responsibilities, what I am referring to is candidate sourcing. My view on people processes which are decentralised are two fold. How does one embed the value of internal review processes? In other words, how do you know you were doing the right thing if the process is decentralised? As a recruiter, using your extended network may have been compl…