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IB source and headhunt great leaders from diverse backgrounds with world-class repertoires in energy and infrastructure project finance and sustainability.


With sector coverage across renewables and sustainability, we retain a uniquely global perspective on infrastructure and project finance, our agency is an award-winning and agile talent acquisition service directed towards the lower and upper mid-market advisory space


As an impact-focused business, we take a people-led approach and operate with a strong vision for growth across Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. We have numerous years of experience in building strong professional relationships which are underpinned by mutual respect and understanding. We believe this approach yields pragmatic and sustainable outcomes


For this month's installment of Top Voices in Sustainability, we're eager to speak up about the broader influence created by technological change in finance and the effect it continues to have in the practice of sustainable development across the globe.

We're back with the next installment of our Top Voices in Sustainability interview series where we give you a fresh take on sustainability from inspirational energy professionals in the renewables space. As part of the interview series, our recruiters took the time to scour the globe for the world's most high-impact sustainability agents in order...

As part of our weekly Top Voices interview series, we've been scouring the globe for the world's leading energy, infrastructure and sustainable finance professionals. We're keen to bring our audience a quick take on recent developments in the sector and a refreshing spin on the ins and outs of sustainable finance and investment.

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