People Moves: Savills IM bolsters ESG team as it publishes Net Zero Carbon Pathway


Press Release - Cathy Keir has been appointed as Senior ESG Manager. In her new role, Cathy will support investment teams focusing on Europe initially, implementing ESG targets and initiatives set out in the Net Zero Carbon pathway. This will help Savills IM to enact its ambition to become an ESG influencer. Based in London, she will report to Emily Hamilton, Head of ESG. Cathy joins from BMO Real Estate Partners, where she held the role of Sustainability Analyst.

As well as recruiting externally, Savills IM has expanded its ESG team by transitioning several staff into ESG-focused roles. Rosie Clarkson, who previously served as Investment Relations Coordinator, has been promoted to ESG Manager and will manage internal engagement, including Savills IM's Restorative Business Champions programme in partnership with Future Makers; Steven Evans, Senior Risk Manager, has been working with transaction teams to support deeper ESG integration as part of the acquisitions process, particularly focusing on climate action; and Lorna Mackie, Head of the Luxembourg Office, is focusing on ESG disclosure regulations and requirements.

The team will also receive support from Michelle Sartorio who, in addition to her role as Global Head of Communications and Marketing, is spearheading priority ESG strategic projects, such as the ESG occupiers' engagement programme, and will collaborate with the investment team as Savills IM builds its impact investing platform.

Furthermore, Savills IM has supported over 40 employees through the Better Buildings Partnership ESG Training Course for Real Estate Professionals alongside internal training on further integrating ESG into the Investment Advisory Committee processes and the impacts of the rapidly evolving ESG disclosure regulations.

More than 80% of AuM has an ESG programme in place and Savills IM have already started to work towards net zero carbon outcomes through delivering its first Net Zero Ready Logistics building in Belvedere, SE London, as well as retrofitting an existing logistics warehouse from EPC C to EPC A+. Ongoing monitoring of both buildings will be taking place working with the occupiers to ensure they perform to the designed energy improvement standards. Savills IM also has plans to undertake more than 50 Net Zero Carbon Audits this year as part of its ESG programme.

Alex Jeffrey, Global Chief Executive, Savills IM, commented:

As an investment manager we understand the importance of channelling finance to be a force for good and the investment that will be needed to transition the built environment to at least net zero emissions before 2050. Our Net Zero Carbon pathway outlines our commitment to become a restorative business. This means we will seek to put more back into society and the planet than we take out. Promoting and enforcing ESG is a key part of our investment framework as well as a central pillar in our responsibility towards investors, clients, employees and the wider community.

Emily Hamilton, Head of ESG, Savills IM, added:

We are thrilled to welcome Cathy to Savills IM, and our Savills IM colleagues to the ESG team. Real estate investment managers have a pivotal role to play in promoting sustainability and corporate governance, and I'm delighted that Savills IM has been able to make these strides to work towards delivering a positive impact.

Cathy Keir, Senior ESG Manager, Savills IM, added:

I am delighted to join such a dynamic and innovative team with such a strong reputation in the real estate market. I look forward to working with the team to ensure Savills IM continues to embed strong ESG principles and actions into every aspect of the business.

Source: Press Release


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