People Moves: Savills Earth appoints Daniel Richardson to lead solar consultancy service in the UK


Press Release - Savills Earth has appointed Daniel Richardson to lead its solar consultancy service across the UK.  Daniel has an academic research background in renewable engineering and significant experience in the design, delivery and operation of solar PV systems, both on a freelance and in-house basis, most recently with Powerstar and Styles & Wood Group PLC. Beginning in the early days of the feed-in-tariffs, Daniel has more than ten years' experience of commercial rooftop PV, and more latterly battery storage.

Savills Earth provides a wide-ranging team of experts to help clients define and deliver the very best sustainability strategies across their property portfolios. Daniel will advise clients on the role solar and other technologies can play in the energy trilemma, helping them to achieve the optimum balance for their land and property holdings between security, affordability, and sustainability.

Thomas McMillan, Director of Energy in Savills Earth said: "With escalating electricity costs coupled with many companies setting net zero targets solar deployment has never been more important. Daniel's appointment provides the Savills Earth with a solar specialist who can help get solar panels on roofs and in fields to meet these primary drivers."

Daniel is a keen hiker and recently moved to Aberdeen to be closer to the Cairngorms. He is also a trustee of a small kidney disease charity (MPGNDDD Support Group).

Source: Savills Press Office


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