News: Prime Minister to highlight Scotland's place in securing Britain's long-term energy security


Press Release (GOV.UK) -- The Prime Minister will today (Monday 31 July) confirm that Scotland will continue to be at the forefront of UK Government plans to strengthen the UK's long-term energy security.

During a visit to the North East of Scotland, the Prime Minister will highlight the crucial role that the region will play in enhancing and delivering on the UK Government's commitment to reaching Net Zero in 2050 and enhancing long term energy security for generations to come.

The UK is leading international efforts by setting ambitious net zero commitments, ramping up the transition to clean energy, reducing total greenhouse gas emissions by 32% since 2010, whilst bringing down energy bills and supporting households.


Photo courtesy of CNBC

It is expected that the UK Government and energy authorities will go further than before in announcing continued decisive action to:

  • Boost the capability of the North Sea industry to transition towards Net Zero;
  • Strengthen the foundations of the UK's future energy mix;
  • And create the next generation of highly skilled green jobs.

In addition, it is expected that the Prime Minister will meet with key energy industry figures and companies at the forefront of delivering the UK's energy needs, as well as the next generation of highly skilled people who are working on the projects of tomorrow.

The package will also underpin that Scotland remains a cornerstone of government plans for an energy-independent UK, as well demonstrating what can be achieved due to the strength and scale of UK collective action, in defending the public against global energy supplies which have been disrupted and weaponised by Putin.

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