News: Nordea Asset Management launches real asset ESG fund


Media Article - Nordea Asset Management (NAM) has launched the Article 9 compliant Nordea 1 - Global Sustainable Listed Real Assets Fund.

The fund will seek to invest in listed real assets focused on environmental and social stewardship as well as technological innovation. The fund provides exposure to sustainable listed real estate and infrastructure companies, assets renowned for stable and predictable cash flows.

NAM stated that sustainable listed real assets offer a hedge against inflation, as long-term inflation-linked contracts help provide resilience against the effects of rising prices.

The fund's second focus on modern and energy-efficient solutions is intended to address the effects of rising energy prices and leverage the green economy trend, as well as the market's recognition of the SDGs.

The Nordea 1 - Global Sustainable Listed Real Assets Fund is managed by CBRE Investment Management. They will be supported with screening and analysis from NAM's Responsible Investment Team.

Jeremy Anagnos, portfolio manager of NAM's existing Nordea 1 - Global Listed Infrastructure Fund, will spearhead the new solution.

He said: "Powered by ongoing governmental initiatives, supportive investors, and aspirational underlying tenants and stakeholders, we see tremendous near and long-term tailwinds for sustainability-focused real assets."

$122 trillion of capital is set to flow into the infrastructure space over the next two decades, NAM stated, while real assets have a historic track record of resilient returns and outperformance in times of inflation.

Source: Funds Europe


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