People Moves: Montea appoints Ex-Arup Executive Samia Robbins as Chief Sustainability Officer


Press Release -- Montea NV announced, on Tuesday, that former Arup executive Samia Robbins will join the Montea NV team starting today. With the appointment of Samia Robbins as Chief Sustainability Officer Montea want to take up a leadership position on the sustainability front. Samia will be a member of the Montea Exco team and will report directly to the CEO.

Samia's role will involve leading the group's sustainability ambitions across its countries and management services, including efforts to support its clients' transition into lower-carbon businesses and delivering services to help our clients achieve their climate action plans.


Photo of Samir Robbins
Courtesy of Montea NV

Samia obtained a degree at the University of Lincoln and Sydney (Bachelor of Arts and International Business). She worked in the domain of sustainability for many years (Mace Group, Mott MacDonald ,…), with her last stop Arup where she was the Energy Lead Netherlands as well as the Hydrogen Lead Europe. Her experience in different kinds of sustainability studies, stakeholder engagement and project execution plans will be a massive asset for Montea.

Samia Robbins, CSO Montea: "Enabling change to achieve the transition to net zero is all our responsibilities and I'm proud to be part of Montea

to lead the way in every step we take. We care not only for our footprint in this region, but working together we will focus on the sustainability of our communities and future of our employees. It's the whole system of people, planet and logistics combined and sharing our experience that creates the biggest impact. "

"As our country teams continue to take initiatives towards more eco-friendly practices, Samia will further promote and streamline these initiatives to ensure that Montea takes a leading role in the exciting journey towards a more environmentally conscious society. Samia's unique skillset and leadership will make a significant impact on Montea's sustainability ambition as a core strategic pillar across both our existing and future portfolio." said CEO, Jo De Wolf. "

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About Montea NV

Montea NV is a public regulated real estate company under Belgian law (GVV/SIR) that specialises in logistical property in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Germany. The company is a benchmark player in this market. Montea literally offers its customers the space they need to grow through versatile and innovative property solutions. In this way, Montea creates value for its shareholders. As of 31/03/2023 the property portfolio represented a total space of 1,889,054 m² spread across 92 locations. Montea NV has been listed on Euronext Brussels (MONT) and Euronext Paris (MONTP) since the end of 2006. 


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