News: Infogrid acquires ESG data and analytics firm


Media Article - Infogrid, a leader in building intelligence SaaS technology, has acquired Aquicore, an ESG data and analytics company that empowers real estate institutions to take the actions necessary to achieve net zero carbon.

The announcement comes off the back of a period of high growth for Infogrid. In response to increasing demand from customers grappling with rising energy costs, a shift to hybrid working patterns and the race to net zero, Infogrid has scaled rapidly and has collected over 18 billion data points from hundreds of diverse enterprise customers using its solution globally. Infogrid's AI-powered SaaS platform collects, combines and analyses these building data points through IoT sensors, delivering real-time intelligence to corporate real estate landlords and facilities management executives.

Aquicore was founded in 2012 by Logan Soya as a leading energy management and operations platform for real estate. Headquartered in Washington DC, Aquicore already supports leading real estate institutions in obtaining high-quality ESG data, identifying and enabling efficiency projects and decarbonisation strategies, and improving energy and carbon performance across a building portfolio. Its solutions are currently deployed in over 1,000 buildings across the US, totalling over 300 million square feet, and representing more than 2,000 successful deployments and 100,000 actively monitored devices.

Infogrid and Aquicore have a shared vision - to drive commercial real estate, and indeed the whole of the built environment, towards a net-zero future. The acquisition will strengthen both companies' capabilities, merging Infogrid's AI powered technology with Aquicore's ESG reporting and analytics know-how.

Logan Soya, founder of Aquicore added: "Aquicore was founded to help building managers understand and improve their energy performance and gain transparency into hidden operations. Since then, we've grown into an industry-leading ESG data and analytics platform that is proud to partner with many of the top real estate firms here in the US. We firmly believe that it is imperative to reduce energy consumption and emissions within the built environment and have been working towards that goal as our core mission. We are thrilled to take the next step in our journey, joining forces with Infogrid to help bring our offering to a global audience and give real estate institutions the complete visibility needed to achieve net zero."

Aquicore's 60-person strong team will join Infogrid as part of the acquisition, with Soya joining Infogrid's senior leadership team.

Source: Infogrid


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