IBR Group International to partner with UK100 to promote employment initiatives for local people


CARDIFF, Wales  - IBR Group International, the award-winning renewable energy recruitment agency and leadership consultancy today announced that the firm will be partnering with UK100, supporters of the APPG on Sustainable Finance and the Countryside Climate Network (CCN), to promote Rural Net Zero and the creation of more Local Green Jobs, helping to mobilise business influence to approach climate action in a creative way with the help of locally elected leaders inside and outside London.

The CCN is made up of ambitious local leaders from predominantly rural councils. As members of UK100, the CCN are committed to delivering climate action in their communities and amplifying the rural voice as part of our national policy advocacy - bringing the best from cities and the countryside together.

Commenting on the strategic alliance, with IBR Group International, UK100's Business Partnerships Manager Stuart Adams said, "the just transition is something we are very interested in, making sure no one is left behind, in terms of climate change and the work that needs to be done, but also access to working within this field."

Alfred Mayaki, Managing Director at IBR Group International also commented, "Because ESG is becoming more common knowledge, applicants are becoming more attracted to the area over time. If you can get into a position as an employer to recruit diverse candidates in the ESG and sustainability area, you will have an unprecedented opportunity to train and develop organisational linchpins."

Mayaki added, "As part of the collaborative alliance, IBR Group International will also be working alongside the likes of Stuttgart-based Bable Smart Cities & New York-based Reuters Impact who are hosting an Impact event in early October 2022 to form a more inclusive, informative, and impactful platform for content around climate change"

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