IBR Group International to partner with GreenTheUK and Blue Marine Foundation in protecting UK wildlife


LONDON, England -- IBR Group International, a multi-award-winning executive search and leadership consultancy, specialising in people appointments at the senior level within the clean energy and infrastructure industries, announced on Wednesday its intention to support Native Oyster Restoration in The Solent, in partnership with GreenTheUK and Blue Marine Foundation.

Oysters have declined by 80% globally, yet they are a secret superhero of our seas with one adult oyster being able to filter up to 200 litres of water every day. With these incredible filtration properties, they help provide habitat to thousands of other fish and marine life and are a natural defence to coastal erosion. Yet, oysters need our help; they are a priority species on the UK's Biodiversity Action Plan. 

IBR Group International's support is helping to restore approximately 150 square metres of Native Oyster Reefs in an area that has been protected from fishing to help re-establish wild populations. The oysters are transported down in numbers of tens of thousands and deployed in the seas, after being carefully cleaned to remove debris and potential invasive species. Foundations for the largest oyster reef in The Solent were laid on 31st March 2023, using a mixture of shingle and cockleshell known as 'cultch' which allows the oysters to attach and grow. 

The goal of this project is to restore 4 hectares of oyster reefs and re-establish wild populations. This project is part of a wider project called The Solent Seascape Project which aims to reconnect the Solent into a functioning seascape by improving the condition, extent and connectivity of key marine and coastal habitats, using protection and restoration initiatives. 

We are proud to be supporting marine biodiversity projects that are helping to protect and restore our Native Oyster populations. 

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