People Moves: ECL appoints new members to its Board of Directors; names Strategic Advisor


Press Release - Data Center-as-a-Service pioneer ECL on Wednesday announced that Dean Nelson, founder and chairman of Infrastructure Masons (iMasons) and CEO of Cato Digital, has joined founder and CEO Yuval Bachar; Lily Yeung, Vice President at Molex Ventures; and Nathan Shuchami, Managing Partner at Hyperwise Ventures, on the ECL board of directors. The company also announced that Mohsen Moazami, Founder and Managing Partner at Seif Capital, is now a strategic advisor.

Having designed carbon elimination and high efficiency into deployments from day one, ECL was one of the 73 founding companies to adopt, and is fully committed and aligned with, the iMasons Climate Accord to reduce carbon in materials, products and power. More than 200 companies in the digital infrastructure industry have joined the Climate Accord to reduce carbon as the first step towards net zero. ECL is proud to join hands with some of the largest tech and infrastructure companies in the world in the battle against climate change. 

"Healthy ecosystems must achieve balance to thrive. Digital infrastructure must act the same way," said Nelson. "The ECL solution solves the economic, ecological and community challenges of building data centers. Lower costs with high efficiency to operators, drastic carbon reduction in line with the iMasons Climate Accord, and zero consumption of local resources. I'm excited for ECL to launch the world's first off-grid data centers with primary power from hydrogen."

ECL announced the world's first modular, sustainable, off-grid data center that uses green hydrogen as its primary power source in January 2023. The community-integrated data center design consumes no local resources, including power or water, and operates with zero emissions at extremely low noise levels. The first of its data centers will be unveiled in Mountain View, Calif., in May 2023.

"In the data center market there are the Hyperscalers and there is the 'rest,'" said Moazami. "The 'rest' have been using technologies and approaches that have not evolved in 25 years! I am convinced that ECL will help transform the 'rest' segment with its breakthrough off-grid, zero emission, water free, ultra-high efficiency sustainable data center offer."

ECL's modularity and lack of dependence on local utilities means that its data centers can be designed and delivered much faster than others', reducing planning and construction cycles from between 18 to 24 months to between six and nine months. ECL will achieve PUE of 1.05 across all of its data centers, with up to 50 kilowatts per rack, in 1MW blocks with 99.9999 percent uptime. By achieving meaningfully lower PUE ratios and higher rack densities, ECL's customers will benefit from significantly lower cost of real estate, space and power consumption.

"I am extremely pleased to welcome Dean to the ECL team, and look forward to working closely with him to drive new innovations in data center sustainability and carbon reduction," said Yuval Bachar, Founder and CEO of ECL. "Dean and I share a vision for the future of the data center industry, one where the carbon-intensive practices of the past are able to be phased out, and a new era of green hydrogen-driven sustainability is ushered in. Together we stand at the forefront of that new era."

"I am also very eager to work closely with Mohsen," added Bachar, "whose extensive history of leadership in the technology industry makes him a uniquely valuable mentor for the ECL team as we enter this new phase of growth. Mohsen's deep knowledge of the data center industry and global financial markets will help ensure our success as we work to set a new standard for performance and sustainability worldwide."

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ECL is leading the way in delivery of off-grid, reliable, sustainable, cost-effective hydrogen-powered Data Centers-as-a-Service. The company's founders are data center veterans of some of the largest and most powerful companies in technology, including Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Cisco, HPE and Bloom Energy. Its technology includes extensive innovation in power management and cooling. ECL is backed by Molex and Hyperwise Ventures and headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. For more information visit


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