People Moves: Deutsche Bank appoints Markus Müller as ESG Chief Investment Officer


Press Release - Deutsche Bank, a global investment bank has released a memo this week confirming a new appointment. According to the internal memo, seen by IBR Group International, the Bank's Global CIO Christian Nolting has confirmed that Deutsche Bank's Markus Mulller has joined his team in the position of ESG Chief Investment Officer.

Global CIO Christian Nolting commented, saying: 

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Markus Müller as ESG Chief Investment Officer (CIO) in addition to his role as Global Head of our CIO Office. Markus raised the importance of ESG at a very early stage and due to his in-depth knowledge, he is a highly regarded market expert in this field, both internally and externally.

Mr. Müller began his career at Deutsche Bank in DB Research as an executive assistant to the chief economist. During his studies at Muenster University in Germany, he acquired broad international experience with a focus on China, later working as an Economist at Allianz Life Insurance in Shanghai. Mr. Müller has held teaching posts in corporate finance and economics, being a visiting scholar at the Frankfurt School of Finance and the University of Bayreuth as well as at the Banking and Finance Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Tashkent. He is a published author of many articles and books on ESG, economic transformation and other issues. 

According to the memo seen by IBR Group International, Mr. Müller will work closely with the regional CIOs and the Strategy team as well as the newly formed Product Platforms and Sustainable Solutions group, under Muriel Danis' leadership, to drive our ESG agenda from a markets perspective.

Source: Deutsche Bank


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