News: Commerz Real acquires 28.5MW wind farm in Finland through its Klimavest portfolio


Press Release - Commerz Real is adding to the portfolio of its Klimavest impact fund with the acquisition of a wind park in Finland. The seller of the plant with an installed capacity of 28.5 megawatts is the company Energiequelle, an international project developer with a proven track record and a project volume of more than 1,500 megawatts.

"Finland is a stable and attractive market for wind power investments. With this transaction we have been able to move ahead with the diversification of Klimavest, and in line with the defined strategy we are investing the pleasingly high inflow of funds from investors in assets which generate high earnings," says Timo Werner, a fund manager for Klimavest at Commerz Real. "In the future we will actively examine the possibility of investments in Finland and the neighbouring Scandinavian countries. In this respect we will consciously set store by a mix of long-term power purchase agreements with companies with strong credit ratings and a free merchant approach with the marketing of the generated electricity on energy exchanges.

The wind park was erected in 2022 and comprises five turbines from the N163/5.7 MW model series with a height of 148 metres. There is a long-term full-service agreement with the renowned manufacturer Nordex. The technical and commercial operation of the park is in the hands of the project developer Energiequelle. The green electricity generated here is expected to meet the annual consumption of more than 12,000 average Finnish households.

The park is located in the vicinity of the city of Vaasa in western Finland, a few kilometres inland from the Gulf of Bothnia. About 200 kilometres further north Commerz Real had already acquired a wind park with 58.8 megawatts in the municipality of Kannus in the summer of 2021.

Source: Commerz Real


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