Roads, Water and Telecoms

Critical challenges to the growth of both the Sub-Saharan and Central African regions, respectively, over the course of the next century, will include the financing of better power grids, water, and utilities infrastructure but also better roads, airports, and railways as Africa gradually enters into its own industrial revolution

Power, Utilities and Infrastructure Recruitment

The Power, Utilities, and Infrastructure (PUI) sub-sector across the United Kingdom and in several states in Africa is pioneered, not only by new in-house opportunities with leading advisers across M&A and investment banking but also by public-sector commitments to finance critical infrastructure projects by public-sector participants with the help of private capital.

Our PUI practice retains coverage across sell-side investment banking in both developed and emerging markets. Our focus at IB is to align our recruitment service with leading mid-tier advisers seeking corporate finance professionals to strengthen and support institutional services.