Top Voices in Sustainability 2020


Purpose and Objective

As recruiters, we are always speaking about "high-impact" and "purposeful" people when we discuss topics such as professional and even organizational development, but do we ever consider whether we actually mean "emphatic" human beings when we mention this term or more precisely, human beings and professionals who are driven to emphasize their purpose. We have uncovered so many "high-impact" influencers in our sustainability network who are yet to be adequately recognized.

In order to recognize these professionals, each and every month from May 2020 throughout the year, IB will publish an interview with one of our network's most influential professionals on the topic of "sustainability in the energy sector".

Our selection criteria for interviews are clear and transparent. We are looking for highly credible respondents and interviewees who are immediately focused on energy and infrastructure as professionals who have demonstratable and rewarding career experiences as well as continued education. This could be in the form of a Masters and/or up to 7 years of profound and rewarding experience in the energy space.

We are excited to be working with the world's leading business schools, including the Careers team at INSEAD and London Business School to bring interviews from this year's MBA and Executive MBA classes. We look forward to the near future and welcome the opportunity to work with those who are available and able to participate and thank our audience for giving us the opportunity to serve you in this capacity.

Our Process

For each interview, we shall be speaking with a Top Voice in the renewable energy space and will be focused on two separate themes: global environmental, social & governance investing and sustainable finance in the energy and infrastructure sector. 

We will select a shortlist of respondents through independent research into high-impact contributors and influencers at the mid-senior level. This might be with the assistance of word of mouth, CV books, and data available via social media. 

The editorial series will be sponsored by the WokenUp App and


We're back with the next installment of our Top Voices in Sustainability interview series where we give you a fresh take on sustainability from inspirational energy professionals in the renewables space. As part of the interview series, our recruiters took the time to scour the globe for the world's most high-impact sustainability agents in order...

As part of our weekly Top Voices interview series, we've been scouring the globe for the world's leading energy, infrastructure and sustainable finance professionals. We're keen to bring our audience a quick take on recent developments in the sector and a refreshing spin on the ins and outs of sustainable finance and investment.

Once again, we are excited to be bringing our audience the next interview in the Top Voices in Sustainability 2020 series. As part of the new interview series, we shall be speaking with some of the world's leading sustainability professionals for a hot take on recent progress and traction in the rewarding world of sustainable finance. Today, we...

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