Oxford/Remote - Sustainable Finance Associate


Global Canopy is an innovative environmental organisation that targets the market forces destroying tropical forests. This is a finance sector engagement role, to help achieve the uptake of data, metrics and tools by banks, investors and data providers to better assess and mitigate their exposure to deforestation. Home-based until Covid-19 restrictions lift. Then at least one day a week in Global Canopy's office in central Oxford.


  • Convening and engagement: engaging banks, investors and ESG service providers, motivating and enabling them to improve their own metrics and processes to assess and mitigate exposure to deforestation risks. This will include working with a broad range of actors from sustainability managers, to ESG analysts, risk managers, regulators and data scientists.
  • Training, capacity building and content: feeding back to technical and research teams on user needs and requirements in a timely and effective manner; supporting and leading on engagement materials; providing training to financial institutions, 'multiplier' NGOs and consultancies on our tools and metrics; and writing insights and supporting communications activities.
  • Partner and network management: maintaining and growing network of investors, ESG service providers, odata providers, and relevant partners and multipliers that GC work with to achieve goals and ensuring coordination with wider finance work on nature, including the TNFD.
  • Strategy, monitoring & evaluation: supporting monitoring the uptake and use of data by target audiences, evaluating the effectiveness of strategy and providing lessons to inform Global Canopy's strategy and planning on finance sector action on deforestation.