New York City - Director of Climate Finance


The Climate Finance Director will be a key member of the firm's industry leading Climate Change Investment Working Group. You will be responsible for the research, analysis, and for providing expert guidance to the larger organization, and their members. As the Director, you will provide the analytical foundation for the program, ensuring the firm's work aligns with other net zero initiatives, policy changes, financing breakthroughs. It will also support climate working group members with insights and resources, supporting and further accelerating their leadership. This role will directly engage policymakers, financiers, and philanthropists. The successful candidate will have a strong foundation in climate finance, climate-related policy, and partnership building.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Climate Finance and Policy Research and Analysis: Lead the analysis and program development around the financial implications of climate change and what is needed to further Net Zero pathway scenarios and related investment themes. Devising clear presentations for reports, blogs, and articles.

  • Industry Tracking: Track and follow trends and breakthroughs in the climate finance industry; construct timely briefs and reports for internal and external communications to support Climate Change Investment Working Group members. Providing timely news and analysis to disseminate to the firm's network and via communications strategies. Track the flow of capital using data to highlight what the firm has accomplished so far and where they will need to go next.

  • Develop, maintain, and expand relationships. Work closely with the CEO to support the Climate Change Investment Working Group and the firm's member community in advancing their goals. You will be their network's technical expert. You will also maintain effective relationships with external partners and key allies, such as peer non-profits, thinktanks, and Climate Finance leaders. Also, you will review climate-finance-related member applications and make recommendations, to the membership committee, based on your assessment.

  • Business Development & Events: Help craft fundraising proposals to support the project and program work,

  • Climate Change Investment Working Group Convening: Develop and lead the working group's learning series. This will include working with the CEO and working group team to develop potential topics and speakers, developing technical event materials, post-meeting follow-up with members and partners. You will also support the team as they craft fundraising proposals, to support your project and program work.