London - UK Associate Director/Director - Climate Finance


The UK Director, Climate Finance, is responsible for the success and sustainability of the Climate Finance program in the UK and Europe. You will report to the Climate Finance Executive Director and form part of the Senior Leadership Team. 

Your role will include the following responsibilities:

  • Technical leadership: you will guide and oversee CPI's technical work, across all workstreams with special emphasis on the State of Climate Finance.
  • Team Leadership: you will focus on strengthening the existing cohesive and collaborative team environment that exists within the UK team and will supervise UK research department members
  • External engagement: you will build and maintain a strong and positive presence, inspiring, informing and engaging key decision-makers and the larger climate community
  • Fundraising: you will actively engage in strategic funding development to diversify CF's funding, continue the success of the signature programs and generate resources for new, innovative approaches
  • Operations Management: you will oversee the smooth and efficient operations of the UK office
  • Budgeting and forecasting: you will actively support the management of the UK/Europe stream of the funding pipeline and budget for the Climate Finance program, and ensure alignment of available resources and expenses
  • Model CPI values: you will model and imbue the UK team with CPI's core values:
    • Rigor: willingness to hold ourselves to high standards and discipline to test and evolve ideas in the face of new information.
    • Collaboration: value sharing and partnership; humility to understand solutions are better and change more possible when we work with others.
    • Integrity: doing best analysis and making best recommendations even when not the expectation or preference of the client, courage to keep an open mind and be open to feedback and improvement.
    • Commitment: to drive transformative change.