London - Sustainable Finance Project Manager


The Zoological Society of London (ZSL), an international conservation charity, is seeking a Sustainable Finance Project Manager to focus on the implementation of our FI engagement strategy and also coordinate ZSL's conservation finance and enterprise efforts across the Society.

The ZSL Sustainable Business programme (ZSB) and ZSL Sustainable Finance programme (ZSF) sit within the Sustainable Business & Finance (ZSBF) department. The two programmes operate in parallel but with high degrees of collaboration and ongoing feedback loops, reflecting the interconnected programme-level Theories of Change. ZSB's impact objective is for business and financial sector practices to be drivers and/or enablers for protecting and enhancing biodiversity and habitats. Practically, this means achieving the following outcomes through the private sector:

  • reduce biodiversity net loss and transition to sustainability;
  • increase biodiversity net gain; and
  • catalyse additional funding for conservation.