London - Senior Product Manager Sustainable Finance


Moody's ESG Solutions Group is looking for a product manager to join our growing team. In this role you will help develop and launch new products leveraging our data, analytics and research to address client needs. A successful candidate will thrive in a dynamic and complex environment, have a strong mix of strategy, technical and creative acumen, be extremely detail-oriented and be a collaborative team player.

You will serve as a voice of the customer and translate user's pain points into actional development opportunities. You will be responsible for designing products and features that are based on advanced data-driven insights and actively problem solve working closely across product, content, technology, design and commercial teams.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage the development of new product features throughout the development lifecycle following best practices in client led design.
  • Conduct market assessments and serve as the voice of the customer on their jobs-to-be done, translating feedback into product development opportunities and feature definition.
  • Contribute to rapid product prototypes and user persona definitions to support product opportunity discovery.
  • Maintain up-to-date competitive analysis & market trend documentation that could impact our current and future data product suite.
  • Produce product user guides, release notes and documentation to support product launches and contribute to product marketing collateral.
  • Monitor end user analytics and adoption metrics to inform future product development initiatives.