London - Senior Analyst, Sustainable Financial System


Working at the PRI provides an opportunity to engage with highly motivated, culturally diverse professionals on a wide range of cutting-edge issues, such as income inequality through the lens of sustainable finance. The PRI provides scope for development at all levels with opportunities for project leadership and management working alongside some of the most influential signatories and leaders across financial markets and economies.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Prepare innovative research and analysis on structural changes relating to sustainability and how these impact key financial system actors, including identifying priority market structure interventions for PRI to champion
  • Project manage specific projects and initiatives in a cross-functional setting (particularly PRI's Policy and Investment Practice teams) to implement financial system interventions
  • Support the Director and Senior Specialist in market engagement to take forward new initiatives as part of the programme
  • Prepare briefing notes and presentations for PRI's Board, Leadership Team and the Director of Sustainability;
  • Work with PRI's Communications and Signatory Relations teams to ensure that the outputs of all work are appropriately disseminated;
  • Provide expert advice to PRI's Content Teams on financial system reform and change strategies