London - CDC Group, Director, ESG-Impact Business Unit


CDC Group are looking for an ESG-Impact Director in London. The Environment Social and Governance - Impact (ESG-I) Director oversees the work of CDCs ESG team comprising c 24 individuals based in London and in CDC markets.


Managing and enabling the ESG-I team

  • Responsible for the overall strategy, growth, impact and efficiency of the ESG-I team. Direct line management of 4-6 individuals and overall responsibility of team structure, operations, professional growth and operations. Budget and resource planning and ensuring the team provides the right skills and input across CDC sector and product verticals
  • Ensuring ESG-I Processes and practices represent good practice in our markets (including Standard Operating Procedures, Code Responsible Investing and any updates and other policy and process evolution to reflect changes in market and DFI approaches to ESG practices in emerging markets)
  • Managing overall communications and strategy for development of ESG good practice guidance and other collateral

Interacting with Impact Group (IG)

  • Key member of IG senior management interacting with other IG directors to ensure a coherent and fully integrated IG service offer for CDC. Communicating ESGs role, needs and impact clearly and effectively across IG and more broadly in CDC
  • Ensuring a seamless, efficient and effective articulation and delivery of IG service offer and representing ESG needs and requirements in the delivery of that offer
  • Ensuring that climate, gender and diversity and broader impact are reflected in ESG-I work appropriately and coherently with regard to other IG teams
  • Proactive engagement with CDC Plus to optimise use of technical assistance (TA) in ESG and climate change investments and more broadly in market shaping efforts across CDC markets

Working across CDC and with its Board, Investment Committees and Shareholder

  • Ensuring that CDC and immediate stakeholders have a clear understanding of ESG-Is role and impact. Overseeing the preparation of ESG-I input to Board papers (DevCo, Safeguarding, serious incidents etc), as well as representing ESG-I in Quarterly Shareholder Meetings and other interactions with the Shareholder as needed
  • Close and proactive communication and engagement with CDC senior management team and impact/country Directors to ensure the effective and impactful delivery of ESG support to CDC portfolio

Representing CDCs ESG interests and ambitions across the DFI/ IFI community

  • Key interlocutor with DFI/ IFI peers and leveraging those relationships to ensure that CDC's position is understood, and that the organisation continues to lead and influence key conversations in the EDFI community in particular
  • Leading the engagement on harmonisation and integration of common approaches as needed

Representing CDC in external meetings and fora

  • Representing and overseeing broader ESG-I engagement with external partners and interest groups (PRI, EMPEA and others) to leverage CDC brand and influence
  • Enabling strong clear and proactive presence of ESG-I team in external meetings and events