Webinar - Legal Assessment for a Just Transition of Coal Power Plants in India - Online (12 October)


Webinar Description

A large number of coal power plants in India are likely to be decommissioned in the coming decades, as the country's coal fleet ages and the policy and economic pressure on the sector builds. At this point, it is important to ask if India is prepared to decommission thermal power plants in a manner that ensures fair and inclusive outcomes towards environment, land, labor and even the generation companies. Do our laws and regulations allow provide adequate guidance, mandates, and resources? What are the key gaps and requirements to be addressed?

iFOREST's upcoming research "A just transition of coal-based power plants in India - Legal and regulatory review" indicates that there are no clear laws to address issues pertaining to coal power plant decommissioning. While some guidance on environmental aspects is available, issues pertaining to labour and land reuse remain largely unaddressed. The current structure of tariff determination also does not ensure adequate availability of funds to enable a just decommissioning. Global experience points out that explicit laws and frameworks will be required for achieving this.

iFOREST invites you all to this webinar, where our recent research report on this issue will be released, and these issues will be deliberated among a select group of experts.

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