Event - Energy and Sustainability in the Public Sector (26 April)


Event Overview

Accelerating the path to sustainability by lowering carbon emissions to net-zero is no longer a lofty ambition; it is now a requirement if we are to avoid the substantial harms that would otherwise befall our communities. This event will look at how far the public sector has come in terms of advancing the energy and sustainability agenda. Hear from key policymakers and gain the most up-to-date information on government policy and implementation goals.

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Energy and Sustainability in the Public Sector 2022

Keynote speakers include:

  1. Vanessa Griffiths - Environment Agency
  2. Sharon Darcy - Director of Sustainability - First
  3. Stew Horne - Energy Saving Trust
  4. Sarah Frith - Willmott Dixon Construction

Contact: Eleanor MORGAN e.morgan@igpp.org.uk

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