Birmingham - Chair, HS2 Ltd - UK Public Appointment


The role of Chair of HS2 Ltd is described fully in the HS2 Ltd Framework Document. In summary, the Chair is responsible for ensuring that HS2 Ltd fulfils the aims and objectives agreed with the Department and the Secretary of State and operates in accordance with HS2 Ltd's constitution and the Development Agreement. The HS2 Ltd Chair advises the Secretary of State on matters relating to HS2 Ltd. The Chair has the following leadership responsibilities:

  • Ensuring that HS2 Ltd delivers its obligations under this Framework Document and the Development Agreement, and has an effective strategy for achieving this;
  • Ensuring that its affairs are conducted with probity;
  • Ensuring that the HS2 Ltd Board, in reaching decisions, takes account of guidance provided by the Secretary of State and the Department;
  • Delivering high standards of regularity and propriety and promoting the efficient and effective use of staff and other resources;
  • Representing the views of the HS2 Ltd Board to the general public; and
  • Reporting annually on his/her own performance - supported by feedback including peer review - to the Secretary of State and sharing this with the Department's Shareholder Team.