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Sourcing and recruiting ESG leaders

As the Principes of Responsible Investment become a more integral element to sustainable investing and with the rise of signatory status amongst banks and asset managers, there has been a significant evolution in the skills demanded by SRI and ESG employers over the course of the last decade, and this evolution continues to be an ongoing phenomenon across financial services

ESG and Sustainable Finance - Executive Recruitment

At IB, we have a narrow client focus, driven by the active sourcing of impact investment, climate finance, and sustainable finance professionals, We welcome the opportunity to recruit on behalf of boutiques, startups, mid-sized firms, and international investment advisors, with a close focus on sustainability.

Being at the intersection of the energy and infrastructure sector, our ambition is to successfully recruit on behalf of stakeholders who are committed to both responsible business and the incorporation of ESG factors into investment decision-making processes both in the United Kingdom and beyond. Some of the areas we cover as part of our approach include: