Diversity and Equality

Effective Corporate Governance

At IB, we see the core purpose of corporate governance as being to facilitate effective, entrepreneurial and prudent management that can deliver long-term successes to your organization. Some of the key components of successful corporate governance include a combination of the following 7 pillars: 

  • Discipline and Commitment
  • Fairness to Employees and Customers
  • Transparency and Information Sharing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Clear Organisational Strategy
  • Regular Self-Evaluation
  • Effective Risk Management

However, diversity and equality are increasingly becoming two common facets of effective corporate governance responsibilities, and as such, it is important that as an executive search organization, we give you the correct information you need to fulfill your objective of recruiting and retaining the best people globally, whether you are situated in London or Los Angeles.

Free Diversity Consultation

Building Representative Boards

At IB, we believe diverse board-level candidates should have equal footing during the board search, selection, and application process. We know that navigating the landscape of corporate governance can be difficult, but it need not be a myriad of concerns for your organization.

We have extended knowledge of how unconscious biases affect our client hiring outcomes for senior executive and non-executive positions, and as such we attempt to balance these biases by offering an opportunity for clients to approach diversity from the perspective of a diversity quotient.

We aim to achieve this quotient by implementing a professional "Rooney rule", incorporating at least two diverse recommendations into the fabric of all our delivery consultations. This is our small but concise way of demonstrating compliance with the newly published UK corporate governance code.

At IB, we know that keeping up to date with changes to rules and regulations in the field of diversity and equality can be difficult, so in light of recent changes to the UK combined code which has been published by the UK body responsible for overseeing these regulations; the Financial Reporting Council - our aim has become more focused on addressing these challenges through external consultation on corporate diversity and equality.