Delivery Consultants

Search & Selection

At IB, we are well-equipped to enhance your search and selection process by helping you achieve success throughout the recruiting cycle.

Our selection process is transparent for both you, the employer, and your potential hire. We are adept at shortlisting applications, screening and interviewing and onboarding, offering you the adequate opportunity to focus on selecting from an exceptional pool of talent.

Finding Great Leaders 

At IB, we know it is important to have a broad talent pool to choose from, which is why we work under a mandate to attract and retain a broad range of people from a variety of backgrounds. We utilize cutting edge executive search approaches to help grow your organization.

What drives organizational leadership?

Even if your organization operates a relatively flat hierarchy, research exists that demonstrates that corporate performance is as much about leadership and development as it is about hierarchy or competitive advantage. We focus and align our services with your company's core competence by understanding your business strategy and culture.

We value organizational leadership and development and feel that it is in essence a function of your company's performance and the growth of your most integral employees. Therefore, by measuring and driving this agenda, one which is largely focused on an intimate understanding of your management team's capabilities, leaders can increase the value that they bring to the organization and by doing so increase corporate performance and reduce employee attrition rates versus industry averages.

What role can search play?

Search and selection is one of the tools we can use to identify and retain great leadership talent. Retained assignments can be mandated to cover a range of personnel, from senior managerial requirements to more diverse and inclusive C-level requirements

Our assignments typically range from 60 to 90 days in length, during which we work with you to ensure the exchange of effective and relevant information to fulfill specific client requirements.