COVID-19 Update

At IB, we have nothing but fine admiration for those within our energy and infrastructure community who are actively facing up to the headwinds and pressing demands of tighter equity, furloughed staff, and halted pipelines whilst also being pressured to continue their operations amid the current challenges presented by the coronavirus lockdown.

  • We also know corporate level CAPEX will have significantly reduced, accounted for by shrewd number juggling or EBIDTA-C for short. As a result of the lockdown, in the United Kingdom, many a signed, sealed, and permitted green energy project has also been brought to a halt.
  • However, at IB, we have seen an exciting opportunity to engage with startup leaders, investment advisers, infrastructure fund managers, and climate-focused NGOs to fulfill back-to-business hiring requirements in the energy and infrastructure space and beyond, both in the UK and in our other markets. We continue to seek new opportunities for collaboration in the medium term.

If you require further information, you can keep updated with HM Government's response to the COVID-19 situation by visiting the following website: