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Keeping People Engaged: Gamification As Learning And Development

As recently as last month, I published an article on our Medium page, discussing the topic of performance-based remuneration. The blog post, which recieved a huge number of views, called out workforce planners for their flagrant disregard for employee morale. But what about the importance of programs and schemes which may be applicable to the genre of engagement perks, performance bonuses, rewards and learning incentives - something which black founders should ideally be using to inspire their teams.

Some of us know about the mind boggling HR innovations which have been used to spur teams on in the corporate world. From having 30min afternoon power naps at lunch hours to having competitive Xbox Street Fighter tournaments first thing in the morning, this is generally true for a massive company, but for a new business, this can be a harrowing step to take and a big blow to productivity. That is not what we are suggesting. What we are recommending is a spirited drive towards better L&D.

Ever thought of on-boarding a team of learning and development specialists who have the ability to assess your business model and design the perfect gamification strategy, one which responds to engagement challenges but also bridges the retention gap? I did some research and found that the view questioning whether engagement perks are real and effective was largely based on perspective. There are limited real world evaluations to measure the effect of gamification in learning and development. This would definately be a further and more interesting step to take the research into the area of gamified learning.